Lay-z-spa Hawaii

Just arrived the latest and the greatest Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii HydroJet Pro™ is the only Lay-Z-Spa to combine the AirJet™ & HydroJet™ Massage Systems for a sensational spa experience.

4-6 People

Size - 1.8cm x 1.8cm x 71cm

 The new square shape looks great and the darker charcoal colour looks awesome. The pump is a new design with new features and a new modern look. This model actually has 8 real massage nozzles as well as the original air jet system. 


Features :

 -8 HydroJets™ & 120 AirJets™ Massage System

-NEW ClearSoft™ Water Treatment System

-NEW Timer Controlled Heating Setting

-NEW Square Shape & Inflatable Leatheroid Cover

-Rapid Heating System up to a blissful 40 degrees Celsius.

-TriTech™ Construction for superior durability

-Double lock safety clips

-Inflatable, portable & easy to set up

-Soft insulating floor mat


The integrated ClearSoft™ Water Treatment System means you now have a choice between using Clearwater Spa Chemicals or the Hawaii’s built-in Salt Chlorinator System to keep your spa water clean, safe and comfortable. All you have to do is add salt into the water and the in-built electrostatic system converts it into hygienic, chlorinated water.The Lay-Z-Spa Hawaii’s ClearSoft™ Water Softening Treatment requires no maintenance and reduces the adverse effects of hard water; time to wave goodbye to spa staining and skin irritation.

 New for 2016, the Hawaii Hydrojet Pro hot tub features a Timer Function on the heating system.With the new Timer Function, you can set the spa heater to activate up to 24 hours into the future, or set the duration of how long the heater is turned on for, up to 2 days in advance, using an hourly interval timing system. 

 Designed with a sturdy TriTech™ construction, the Hawaii HydroJet™ offers both durability and a soft cushioning structure to relax into. Its soft, insulating floor ensures that from start to finish, your Lay-Z-Spa experience becomes your daily escape from the world.