Promotional products


We have a wide range of promotional products available to businesses and organisations. Listed below are just a few of the many promotional products we have on offer!

- Stickers : Vinyl (High quality UV resistant), 3D Dome (Highest quality adhesive, easy on-easy off. Flexible for curved surface application), Paper.

- Keyrings (PVC, plastic and cast metal). Labels (Metal or PVC for bags or furniture)

- Recycled shopping bags

- T shirts / Beanies and other clothing items.

- Sunglass croakies

Stickers are an incredibly economical and effective form of marketing. In my 25yrs of retail business I made many sales due to the sighting of a single well placed sticker on a previously sold product or vehicle. 1000 stickers will eventually be sighted by 1000's of prospective customers. They are the marketing that keeps on giving.

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