Bestway Hydrium Swimming Pool 6.1 m - Steel Frame Pool - SAND FILTER

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This is an extra large, family sized pool. Bestway offers superior strength, steel-walled, above ground pools as the perfect solution to a sturdy and easy garden pool.

Bestway Hydrium pools are the perfect semi-permanent above ground alternative in cost, quality, installation and maintenance to an in-ground pool.

Bestway Hydrium outdoor pools are made of rust-resistant reinforced 0.4 mm steel sidewalls, for the highest durability without the excess weight. They are supported by the extra wide 16 cm steel top borders. A unique ridge design along the outside of the pool provides additional support.

There is a premium 0.4 mm PVC liner inside the pool, that comes with a UV coating to help prevent drying out and cracking.

Pool should be assembled on a solid, zero degree level surface

Adult supervision is recommended at all times when children are using pools.

- Extra wide 16 cm (6.3”) steel top rails
- Triangular supports on both sides of frames increase stability and safety
- Integrated surface skimmer works together with the water filter to help remove unwanted floating debris and keep pool water crystal clean
- Underwater adhesive repair patch
- Heavy duty ladder
- Flow control drain valve for easy draining
- Flowclear Sand Filter Pump
- Tri-Tech 3 ply material liner

Size - 6.1 m L x 3.6 m W x 1.2 m H (20' x 12' x 48")
Water capacity (90%) - 19,929 L
Packaged dimensions - 80 cm x 60 cm x 174 cm
Master carton weight - 207.5 kg

***Pool cover not included***