GANTOR XT350 Electric Bicycle

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GANTOR XT350 Electric Commuter Bicycle 26"

This bike is great quality and value. Having the pedal assist takes all the pain out of commuting and allows you to get to work or Uni etc., without having to break a sweat. Or you can ride as normal for fitness and if you "hit the wall" so to speak, you can cruise home with little effort.

We have ordered this bike with quite a few upgrades from the base model to ensure a great, all round product, that is also affordable.

How far this bike will go, on a charge, is dependent on so many factors; we feel it is not something we can quote - rider's weight, the terrain, wind, tire pressure, which mode you use, will all alter the result, but with the 10AH 48V battery, it should get you where you need to be without any problems.

- 350W hub motor
- 48V 10AH Battery
- Now with Upgrade air  shocks
- Charger with NZ plug
- Magnesium wheels
- 5 modes of pedal assist plus full electric mode with throttle control
- Foldable for convenient storage
- Headlight and guards
- Shimano 7 speed rear with single front ( the modern way forward)
- Shimano disc brakes front and rear
- Lanke leisi control panel
- Kenda all terrain tires
- 12 month "Return to base" Warranty

WEIGHT (Including battery) = 25.5 kg

Please Advise City and Suburb for Freight Quotes to other centers.