Doggydoo Bags Package Deal - Large

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2 x Large Doggydoo Bags 

3 x ECO friendly Poo Bag Rolls

- Four great colours available to choose from: Black, Red, Blue and purple - Please specify colour when you purchase
- Total dimensions approx. 235mm x 200mm
- For larger breeds of dogs
- Leash attachment

No more walking around with a handful of poo!

Simply pick up your dog's poo with the Eco plastic bag and tie a knot at the top, then pop it into the Doggydoo bags Zip pocket.

Your hands are free, and you can continue your walk without stinky dog poo in your hand!

Easily clips onto most leads (including retractable). Spare plastic bags go into the side pocket, or attach your bag dispenser to the snap hook.

Standard size also available.