Huina RC Loader. 1583 1/14th Scale. Alloy Bucket , Metal Body.

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Huina Loader is a 10 channel, die cast metal RC bulldozer.
In Stock in Auckland.

Full Function RC.

Model :1583


Fully assembled Loader.

High quality mechanical and electrical parts.

Weighted for extra good digging force.

Lights, sounds activated by remote control

2.4 GHz controller

Includes Operating Battery and charger.

Product Weight : 8kg

Control distance: Aprox 40m

Scale: 1:14

Carriage length (to bucket): 57 cm

Maximum width: 20 cm

Maximum arm height: 27 cm

Rear height: 21 cm

Battery: LiPo 7,4V 2000 mAh

Run Time: Aprox 40 minutes