RC Plane "READY TO FLY" 400 series.

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Choose from , P-51 Mustang, Corsair ,Zero or Warhawk.

BONUS: 2 x extra Props, 1 x Extra battery.

Footage of the plane flying (Spitfire model): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32W8L6-CN5A

Volantex RC Warplane 761-12 is a small airplane with excellent performance. Thanks to the integrated Xpilot gyro stabilizer system with a powerful engine, the plane is stable, agile and can perform acrobatics. It has been equipped with the acrobatics function, you just need to press one button and pull the stick to easily control the Spitfire and perform acrobatics. 3 Level Flight Control Assistant (Beginner Full Assist / Intermediate Part Assist / Manual Control Expert) helps beginners learn to fly step by step. The range of the control equipment is about 200m, the flying time on one charge is up to 10 minutes.

This cool wee plane comes ready to fly , fully assembled.
6-Axis Gyro system
One Key Aerobatic
Spare propeller included.
Propeller just pops off if crashed and simply snaps back on.
While they look small out of the box once flying they are really great fun. Take off is a breeze.
Wingspan 400mm
400mah 3.7v Battery.
We have loads of spare batteries and propellers.